A New Strategy For Using Safelist and Traffic Exchanges

I have been doing this for the past year and it is really paying off. 

Some people love to join large safelist and traffic exchanges, and that's 

kool. But, I realized early in the larger exchanges and safelist the 

members are only clicking for credits.

Don't get me wrong, I do this to, but I have another strategy that is really paying off.

This is it: "Do not despise small beginnings".

You have heard that verse before to right?

Well I started searching for brand new mailers and traffic exchanges. 

I only joined them if they had less than 100 members and not more than 350.

Guess what? My click ratios went way up, getting sign ups, and making cash from referrals to the same mailers.

I found that the people in the smaller membership sites actually were reading and viewing the emails and ads. 

And when you join in the beginning, as more people come in they have to see your ads. More and more and more. 

This may not work for everyone, but for me and a few of my close friends I shared this with,we are getting amazing results.

Here are the newest 2 sites I have found.

1st Bluebird Marketing- Only 32 members in as I speak. and the promotion runs till they reach 100 members.

Super JV membership for $1.00 Lifetime. 

This is a really nice mailer so don't get fooled by the cost or the size.

Here's my link: 


#2. Dynamic Advertising- only 7 of us right now as I speak.

Hear this: 75 cents for the Super JV Lifetime Membership Plus new member bonus.

Don't tell me you don't have a buck seventy five. This is a good, long term investment.

The more they grow, the more people see our ads!!!!! Yes!

Here's the Link:


Ok, I have more but to get more you have to join these 2 first.

Then send me an email to support@successwithmike.us. Just say I joined and I will send you some more great small sites.

Now, this strategy isn't for everyone. You must be willing to see the future!!!

Join me

Mike Harris

The Everyday Marketer