A Question That Will Make All the Difference In Your Business In 2018

The Answer

The answer is simple. The business that would be the most successful is the one that advertises the most. Believe it or not, there are many low-quality businesses doing well online strictly because of the advertising. The one that advertises the most will make the money. So, armed with the answer to the question do you know what that answer means to you?

Advertising is the key. But we cannot stop here.

I know all of you have heard about all the free advertising you can get in different programs. All the advertising that can be automated for free. And 90 % of the programs that offer advertising give you free ads just for signing up. And far too many up-lines and gurus are telling you that you can do it for free. And yes, you can but, here’s the BIG BUT, you must understand that free is the extra long way around. Free is the super slow way. Free is an allusion that shows up as if we are really getting traffic and we are, but the traffic is free as well doubling the problem.

I used to really pay attention to using my trackers and cloakers to see how well my ads were doing. I have seen many nights that my ads hit 2700- 4500 clicks a day. That is very good except I didn’t get 1 sign ups and did not sell any products. Why? Because this was free traffic I was using and don’t get me wrong. The only thing wrong with free is that most marketers just don’t realize how much free traffic it takes to even get 1 signup. I’m not mad and certainly I am not hating on anyone. I just want you to understand the business we are in and the traffic we are using.

I understand the type of ads, how well they is written, how well they is presented, and how well  they are understood by our customers also plays a role in getting sales and signups.

So, if this is the truth, and I know it is, then the only real problem all our businesses have is traffic. And if the only way for you to get traffic right now is the freeway, that’s not a problem. The problem is excepting and understanding how much more traffic you are going to have to generate to even look like breaking even.

I have been online now for over 9 years and I still use free traffic and tons of it. I also use paid traffic which does convert well and is far less tiresome than submitting hundreds of ads in free traffic. And I will admit that I have done well advertising free courses that I wrote myself because of the number of ads I put out there. I have come to the knowledge that it is a wise combination of free and paid traffic that works best but now this brings us to one more point I want to share.

Once I understood the free traffic and the paid, I also learned that if I am going to continue using this combination of traffic, I had to start doing a little research about what and how others were using the same methods and having success. Once I started doing the research I began to pinpoint my target audience. The target audience are looking for what you are offering. Once you start targeting your audience, it doesn’t matter that much as to whether you are using free or paid traffic.

To me paid is a step above free but the more you fine tune your advertising the more money you will make.

Well I think I have shared enough for now, but I want to leave you with another thought.

Just think for a moment at the successful people online and I know all of us see and work with many. Really think about the amount of traffic they are putting up. It’s amazing that we see them everyday and posting hard.

Think about how many times you see their same ad or get the same email time after time. It gets crazy but crazy is what it takes. They understand the question, the answer, and the solution.

It is he/she that puts in the most traffic always wins.

Thanks for reading. 

Michael Harris
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2018 is going to be an Amazing year for us. All we have to do is join in the conversation and see what we can do for each other.

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