Just Sell Me Something That Works!


Great, you made it.
I won't waste anymore of your time. Let's get down to business.

My friends, I would link to introduce you to Gorilla Marketing Pro.
All holds barred, what you get with this system is amazing for the cost.

Now when you arrive on the member's page it generally looks like any other marketing system.  
But that is far from the case.

Let's take a look at what you get:

1- Marketing- You Get:
**Landing Pages.......................Already made or create your own.
**Auto-responder Emails.........Pre-made or create your own.
**A Bulk Mailing System.........This is amazing. You can add up to 3000 contacts per month.
**Team Traffic Rotator.............You build especially for your team.
**Professional Banners.............Use for marketing

**Advertising Sources-.............Multiple legit sources for you to market to.
**Pre written Email Swipes
**A Facebook Poster that you use right inside the system!!!

2- Traffic Analytics  

**Traffic Tracker
**Traffic Stats
**Email Stats

3- Contact Management System right inside the Pro System.

4- 10 Business Building Training videos like no others. You will learn here.

5- A 3 Day Vacation Bonus to amazing destinations Worldwide.

6- Help Desk -Our Admins and owners are always ready and happy to help in any way they can.

And believe me, I have not really even scrapped the total Pro package, but high lighted just a 
few of the tools we have here.

Now you can join FREE forever and do relatively well, if that's all you want.
But if you are really tired of all the foolishness out here online, join the Platinum Plus Membership.
It's only
$25.00 per month for one of the most powerful marketing systems available online today. 
The cost of only 1 good night out, $25.00. 

If you have never heard about Gorilla marketing I urge you to go and see it now.
If you heard and didn't join for whatever reason, I urge you to Join right now.
Finally, if you have joined and decided not to take the Platinum Pro Upgrade, 
do it right now and you will have all you need in one place to be successful.

The system is easy, it is fast, it is powerful, it duplicates easily, and it will
help you be successful and make money.  

Well now it's decision time.
Do I not join at all and continue to listen to all the gimmicks.?
Do  join as a free member and use the membership to get started?
Do I take the leap of faith and go Platinum Pro?

The decision is yours!

Meet me on the Inside
Michael Harris


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